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We have partnered with Softball Australia with whom we have developed a 45 minute game of Tee Ball or Softball, which follows a fun maximum 30 minute activity to be held in the classroom.
The program will, in an enjoyable way, educate students in Grades 3 – 6 (equivalent Grades 4 – 7 in some states) about the signs and symptoms of stroke, while stressing the need to lead a healthy lifestyle, with the hope and aim of reducing the incidence of stroke, particularly in young people.
All participating children will be appointed “Stroke Ambassadors” and will be given a medal.

Following their participation in Tee or softball, and wearing their Stroke Ambassador medal, they will then invite their parents, grandparents, family members, neighbours and friends to undertake a 10 question Stroke Quiz, which will be available to them on our website.
The students will know all the answers and they will be encouraged to “teach” their participants to answer the questions correctly.

How To Get Involved

To get involved with Strike Out Stroke is easy!  Simply register your school to receive the downloadable school activity pack and you’re away.  The program is FREE to run, you simply follow the classroom activities and hit the gym or the oval to conduct the softball activities.


To find out more about running Strike Out Stroke at your school please email


Strike Out Stroke is proudly 100% run by a team of dedicated volunteers to keep overhead costs to a minimum, and maximize the impact your donations have on those effected by Stroke