The Hon. Josh Frydenberg
MP Federal Treasurer of Australia

I am delighted to support the STRIKE OUT STROKE campaign which will educate Australians about stroke and will create awareness of the signs and symptoms of stroke.
I congratulate Vivienne Harkness and her wonderful team of volunteers at STRIKE OUT STROKE for their invaluable work in creating awareness of the signs and symptoms of stroke and importantly the need to B.E.F.A.S.T. This is particularly important in Australia where only 36% of people showing the signs and symptoms of stroke arrive in emergency in time to have lifesaving treatment.

Theo, Grade 6
KEW Primary School

Last year I was very privileged and was able to take part in a great organisation called Strike Out Stroke.
Strike Out Stroke educates people of all ages the signs and symptoms of a stroke to look out for.
The acronym BEFAST is a great way to help people remember the symptoms of a stroke being Balance, Eyes, Face, Arms, Speech and Time to call 000. The experience for me was awesome as I learnt all about strokes and was able to play a game of softball with important people such as the Mayor, Josh Frydenberg and the CEO of softball Australia.

Karen Overall
Primary School Principal, Schools Advisor

Kew Primary School was delighted to host the Launch of Strike Out Stroke. It was a wonderful event and the students really enjoyed their participation. It is such a fun, exciting concept, with invaluable elements, including the promotion of healthy living through playing the game of softball and also creating awareness of the signs and symptoms of a stroke. I would strongly recommend other primary schools get involved.

Tara, Grade 6
KEW Primary School

SOS was a great experience for me. This is because I learnt all the symptoms of a stroke and what to do if someone is having a stroke.
The acronym that we learnt was BEFAST which stands for B off balance E for eyes F for facial A for arms S for speech and T for time.
The whole experience was also really fun, we played softball but we played while learning the befast acronym which really made stick in our heads.
It was also really cool to meet all these important people, for example, Josh Frydenburg.